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SEO Specialist in Chicago, IL. When it comes to local search engine optimization our team of search engine marketers would love to help rank your business on the first page of search engines so you could begin generating more traffic, leads, and conversions. We’ve helped a countless number of businesses achieve online success and revenue, your business could be next! Get started by filling out an application on our discovery page. Once we receive your information, it will be reviewed by one of our search engine optimization specialists. They will begin doing advanced keyword research, and do extensive competition analysis. Once we have created a detailed report, we will be able to consult you in the best directions to go with your business online. The application process can take anywhere from 3-7 business days as we are doing extensive research on your business and competition. You will then hear from one of our SEO Agents. Get started today and stop losing all those web conversions and traffic to your competitors!


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Web Design Analysis
Web Design Analysis
It's often the case that your website may need to be "freshened up" a bit. No matter how much traffic your website may get, if it hasn't been updated lately it may have a hard time converting to sales or phone calls. Let our design specialists re-design your website with a modern look.
On Page SEO Analysis
On Page SEO Analysis
Our SEO specialists know exactly what Google and other major search engines are looking for in your content. When you become one of our clients, we make sure that your website is optimized properly with all the right keywords in the right place.
Off Page SEO Analysis
Off Page SEO Analysis
Our next step is to take a look at your backlink profile as well as your competitors and make sure that your website's backlink profile is stronger than your competitors for your company's most relevant keyword search terms. This is where our specialists "take the cake" and the real ranking magic happens. Let our search engine optimization experts rank your website above your competitors by using white hat, off page SEO services.
Social Media Management
Social Media Management
We understand that as a business owner you are busy, and in most cases, if you are utilizing social media at all, you are most likely only utilizing Facebook or Twitter. As a business you should be posting daily on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, plus about 20 more social networks. Our social media specialists will post content relevant to your business daily on over 30 social media networks. For more information, fill out our discovery form and one of our experts will contact you.
Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management
Is someone bashing you or your business online? Don't panic, let our experts help get those pages de-indexed or deleted from the search engines. Your online reputation is pretty much everything as business or entertainer, you want to be sure that you keep up with what everyone is saying. We keep up with your reputation daily and make sure your audience can only see the good things people are saying, for more information fill out our discovery form and a specialist will contact you.
Monitoring Of Rankings
Monitoring Of Rankings
Our development team has put together the best rank tracking software on the market and use it to keep up with all of your rank positions for search terms. Our software updates us anytime there is a change in your rankings whether its negative or positive so we can adjust accordingly. Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm, our software lets up stay on top of every change so we can apply the necessary changes to your site whenever needed.
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Is SEO Right For Your Business?

Is SEO for my business

Search engine optimization is one of the largest factors that affect where a website ranks in search engines. If your business is not easily found in Google, it is actually costing your company money. If your business isn’t actively doing SEO, you might as well just start mailing your competitors checks because you are giving them business that SHOULD BE yours. Websites need to be properly optimized these days in order to rank in Google. A well optimized site will directly turn into popularity on your site and your services or products begin to convert to sales, which in turn means revenue for your business. Proper optimization requires consultation from one of our SEO specialists who understands the process as a whole. Our experts will save you a great amount of time. We know how to approach the perfect search engine marketing plan to suit your company’s needs. Modern day search engine algorithms take a lot longer to rank in the top spot, so get started today and fill out our discovery application so we can get started turbocharging your business online!








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What Our Clients Get From Us...



When you hire the Search Sharks you get access to your professional directly. They will supply you with their personal cell phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. We are here to help you with any questions you may possibly have or help resolve any problems that may come up. You will never have to jump through any hoops just to speak with someone. We are happy to hear from you.

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Our specialists send out monthly reports containing your current rankings, and any noteworthy news. This ensures that we are keeping our clients aware of any type of changes in our industry and consulting tips and recommendations to help secure their business and business reputation online.



By hiring the Search Sharks for your SEO and design services, you ensure yourself that you letting your hard earned dollars work for you for several years to come. Our services are always ahead of the curve and forward thinking. We make sure that our services are affordable enough so you can make a return on investment with just a couple web sales or conversions a month. Our services are concrete and will stand the test of time for several years to come.



Unlike other SEO Agencies, we offer worry free contracts on a monthly basis. That’s how confident we are that we can rank high competition keywords. We always approach every project with long term rankings as the goal using only white-hat earning methods, But why would you continue to pay for a service you weren’t recieving benefits from? You can cancel at any time! Just another reason why we are the top SEO Firm in Chicago.

Chicago SEO Experts!

Search Sharks Marketing

Global SEO
Global SEO
Do you need to rank your business for national search terms? Our SEO experts can help!
Local SEO
Local SEO
Whether you are a painter, plumber, landscaper, doctor, physical therapist, or ANY local business, we can help!
Social Media SEO
Social Media SEO
Search Sharks SEO experts can rank your social media pages just as easy as we can rank your websites.
E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce Solutions
Whether its an amazon affiliate site, shopify store, or a product review site, we can help boost sales and conversions.
Web Design
Web Design
Let us design and rank your new website from scratch.
Reputation Management
Reputation Management
Let the pros handle your online reputation!
Over 200 Competitive Local Rankings!
Over 30 Competitve National Rankings!
100% Client Satisfaction
Top Reasons To Let Us Handle Your Online Marketing

Search Sharks Marketing

Unlike our competitors, our rankings actually stick! Our search engine marketing specialists never use any type of blackhat SEO tactics which in turn makes for lifelong rankings. Nothing we do is EVER outsourced either, our professionals are the ones handling every aspect of our services ensuring that your website NEVER gets penalized.

Our team is part of the largest group of successful internet marketers where they are constantly networking and bouncing ideas off each other as well as testing the current state of Google’s algorithm. Whenever Google makes any changes, we are the first to know and advised on how to go about it. Our SEO specialists are trained in Yahoo, Google, and Bing Through 2020! The choice is clear why you should hire us and trust us with the online aspect of your business. Fill out the Discovery Application to get started.

  • Modern Whitehat SEO Tactics
  • 100% Safe and Penalty Free
  • Guaranteed Results
  • 100% Traffic Increase
  • Long term first page rankings
  • Your competitor is currently recieving leads that COULD be yours…
Search Sharks Testimonials

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Jonathan Berger

Working with the Search Sharks has been great! I can now focus 100 percent on my business as I let them handle all the computer stuff that I don’t really know how to. The managers at all of the offices are amazed with the amount of leads we get off Google, Thanks Search Sharks!
Owner at Cali Plumbers

Stephen Yeager

It has been a year since we hired the Search Sharks to do our Search Engine Marketing, and our website is ranking in the top spot in some of the biggest cities in the world. Thanks to these guys I have been able to expand to 4 more locations and look forward to expanding more, If you want a trusted company with guaranteed results, call the Search Sharks!
Owner at Secrailway Locksmiths

Brandon Hinkle

I tried everything to get my website on the first page of Google. Countless hours of YouTube watching and nothing worked. One day I received an e-mail from the Search Sharks saying they can help me, So I agreed. We got to be 6 months in with not great results, I began believing I have been scammed. Not even 2 weeks later I was in the top spot in every city in my area and my phone wouldn't stop ringing. Hiring the Search Sharks was the smartest move I've made in business to date, I can't thank them enough.
Owner at Windy City Steam
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