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The Search Sharks have one goal, and that is to help student-athletes live their dreams worldwide. We assist prep athletes of all ages comprehend what it takes to be a champion athlete on and off the field or court. Our mentors are highly passionate about putting prep athletes in the best case scenario for them to be as successful as possible. We have an outreach program that is 2nd to no one else in the industry when it comes to sending highlights and resumes. When hiring the Search Sharks for college recruiting assistance, you have peace of mind that your favorite coaches or their recruiters will view your highlights, giving you the best chance possible to end up at your favorite school on a scholarship to play the sport you lovc! Get started at the bottom of this page.

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A New Approach To College Recruiting Assistance

college recruiting gameplan

In 2019, College Sports Recruiting has come a long way. It’s no longer impossible to get seen, we make it even easier! When hiring the Search Sharks for recruiting assistance, we begin building your prep athlete’s brand from scratch. We will get started building their brand just like we would a business. We create them their own logo, and website. Their website will contain info such as highlights, GPA, test scores, and major accomplishments. Your prep athlete’s social media profiles will be included as well. This puts everything coaches and recruiters look for in one place, making it so they don’t need to open multiple browsers. In most cases coach’s will appreciate the ease and organization which puts them in a good mind place when viewing your info increasing your chances of a scholarship to play in College.

A Commitment To Academics!

academic commitment

Our mentors stress the importance of academics to your prep athlete helping them understand that sports are just a part of the college recruitment process. The Search Sharks are dedicated to preparing your future college athlete for a complete college experience successfully!

A Commitment To Athletics!

Athletic Commitment

The student-athletes that we work with will be assigned with a mentor from our firm that is experienced with their sport and help them market their brand properly to have them a step ahead of the competitors. If your prep athlete has a hudl profile, our mentors will ask to have access to it and they will also receive personalized coaching from an expert athlete thru their Hudl. Your prep athlete can focus on their grades and training while we are creating connections with athletic departments & coaches in the background.

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