How To “Strong Arm” Local Rankings In 2017 Safely

If you are looking to do SEO to a brand new website, then this is the most important article you will read all day, sit down and pay attention! First off, if you think you are gonna rank your brand new website anytime before the next 6 months it’s time to get realistic expectations. Google has slowed it’s ranking process down more than ever but that’s actually a good thing for once you actually do achieve those rankings. Now with that being said, some affiliate or global keywords could take up to 15 months to hit the first page depending on the amount of competition in that niche. So be patient, don’t get in a hurry and do anything dumb, everything you do is important after buying the domain name.

So What Do You Do To A Brand New Website?

Build A Foundation

Well assuming that you have already completed the necessary steps for your “on-page SEO” the very next thing you want to do is what a normal business is expected to do… Create Social media profiles. Most social media sites will allow you to place a backlink to your website on your profile, do that. Not only does this start with very trust worthy sites linking back to your site, it will help diversify your anchor text ratio down the road with branded links. Once you are done you will want to do what is called social stacking, basically tweet out your facebook page, google + profile and so on. Then Post on your facebook page links to your twitter and google +  and so on profiles.  Repeat the process on all networks. From there you are ready to start back linking. We suggest the next step to be to create business profiles on local citation sites. Citation sites are like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpages, Superpages, etc. These sites will also allow you to leave a branded url link back to your website. Depending on the size of your city, I recommend at least 50 citation sites. Once you are done with that we recommend that you continue to branded backlinks to gain more trust in google’s eyes. The Safest sites for this would be to create a video and upload it to all the video sharing platforms out there all leaving a URL backlink in every video description. Then I would take that video and convert it to an audio file and repeat that same process leaving a url backlink in the description on sites like Soundcloud, and Podbay and so on. What’s next? Take a screenshot of that video and yep, you guessed it, upload it all the image sharing sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Flick’r etc. leaving url links in the description. Now your site’s off page foundation is built with safe, branded backlinks, somewhere around month 4 you start hitting the site with an exact match keyword, a few LSI’s and then one more time with the exact match and see where it ends up after a month.. Chances are in mid competition, you will be on page 1. Once you start receiving traffic it is hard for Google to de-index or penalize your site. You could get as aggressive as you need as your anchor text ratio should already be diversified through all the media and profiles you built. From that point, never stop sending safe links. Nothing crazy, but keep the trust factor on your site by leaching off already trusted sites to begin with. Remember the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression..” Neither does your website in both Google’s eyes as well as your visitors. If it sounds like a lot, let our specialists handle it for you by filling out our discovery form.