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To whom it may concern at Superior Demolition,

I recently was asked to look over your website and to see if I could do anything to help the overall appearance of the site. As I was looking at a few things I came up with a bunch of things that are red flags in my eyes and I would like to take a second to break everything down that I would do differently.

Local SEO

Domain name: Lets start with the domain name. If you aren’t aware, your domain name is your actual web address. I would like to go with a more branded, less state specific domain name. As of now your domain is: I would recommend going with something more like: That domain name is available in GoDaddy for $12/year. This is more marketable outside of the state of KY in my eyes. If you didn’t like the Hyphen you could go with a .org as this is currently available too: This way when we make more pages so you are being found in Google outside of Kentucky, You won’t have to worry about throwing anyone off, Plus it really just looks better.

Ownership: I did a quick search to see how old your website is and how long it has been up and through my search I checked the ICANN database and I noticed that your current domain is owned and registered to The Vivial Company. (pictured below)

You can check yourself by going to this site:

And just simply type in your domain without the “http://www.” Just put in the search box.

This is a problem because that marketing company has you where they want you, charging you monthly to basically rent the really basic site they have built for you. The second you stop paying them, you no longer have a website. With me, I’ll ask that you pay for your domain and hosting. Domains are around $12/year and hosting is around $100/year. So it won’t cost you more than $120/year to actually own your own website. I’d create an account at Godaddy put everything you need in the shopping cart and give you the login info and you could just click checkout now and pay with a company credit card. Then it’s yours, you own it, I’d just be your designer and online marketing consultant. The upkeep and website maintenance is something I charge monthly for, but only for a term of 15 months. Once that 15 months is up, I continue to maintain the site for free as it really isn’t that complicated once the ground work is laid for the first year, but it’s YOUR site and I am NEVER gonna take it down.

The Actual Design and Appearance

So as of now you have a real basic 5 page website, with a real basic design. You could really corner the market from an actual marketing stand point because your competitors all have the same; real basic website designs. When people are searching for services online, they tend to click on the top 3 organic listings (under the map listing) before ever calling anyone. Imagine having a more professional, good looking, company specific website that actually sold jobs before anyone ever even called you. I threw your website into something called a keyword tracker and it looks like your website is currently receiving traffic for 2 keywords in Google search. Those keywords are “Demolition Lexington KY” and “Excavation Lexington KY” and it’s your actual homepage receiving traffic. I would like to build a much more complex website that receives traffic in cities outside of Lexington as well to different landing pages. Let’s get you found for the same keywords but in Louisville, KY and Frankfort, KY and so on as far as you want to go. I will use my carpet cleaning website as an example. I also run a carpet cleaning company called Windy City Steam in a town called Woodridge, IL. I offer many different services that most carpet cleaning companies do not offer so I went and made separate landing pages for each service, in each city I wanted to receive leads in. So a couple things you can feel free to search in Google are:

  • carpet cleaning Burr Ridge IL
  • pressure washing Lemont IL
  • concrete sealing Darien IL
  • stamped concrete sealing Bolingbrook IL


With each search you will find an inner page from my Windy City Steam website that is targeted strictly for that service in that city. I would recommend we do the same with the Superior Demolition website. You could really start to generate quite a few more leads and relationships easily this way. Google is by far the best place to market because you are putting your information right in front of people who are looking for your service. Once we get outside of a certain radius we can specify things like “Heavy Highway and Commercial Demolition” so people aren’t wasting your time with houses in Huntington, West Virginia. I looked up a huge demolition outfit out by me called “Omega.” I would like to build a site that has content similar to their website. When you go to their website, chances are people don’t call them to ask for small projects, So we can build the site to only receive commercial leads outside a certain radius. I am confident I can build a much better looking website than Omega’s current website, but at the same time they are probably one of the only demolition companies with a halfway decent website. I would like to build something better looking but with similar content as this for your company:

Logo Design

If I had the task of creating you guys a new website, I would also include in a more professional looking logo. Something with your company name as a part of it if you do not have one. As of now it looks like you are using a black and white photo of the back-end of a combination loader, I would definitely try to come up with something that looks better and implement it into the new web design. I will give you the vector file once done and you can do what you want with it, it’s yours. It can be used for things such as T-Shirts, Hats, Safety vests, even vehicles and equipment if you wanted, that’s your call just letting you know all things I am willing and capable of helping with.

Social Media Management

I took a look to see where you are listed online and you have tons of “dead profiles.” For instance the last post from your Facebook page is from Febuary of 2015. Now it may not be very important in your eyes, but Google is crawling everything daily and in their eyes, you really aren’t attempting to do much online. I would handle all of your social profiles making sure that they are posting things relevant to your business daily. I would also create a Youtube channel that is branded to Superior and post professional looking content. I’m good at video editing so you could send me some videos and I could put your logo on them, add text, zoom at certain parts add intros and outros etc. to make it look as close to a professional commercial as possible. So I would definitely highly recommend a Youtube channel with a lot of content.

I would also go through and claim all of your citation listings and add content to those as well. Citation listings are basically any site you can leave a review on. For instance, Yelp, Yellowpages, Angieslist, HomeAdvisor, etc. The point of this is because not everyone looking for your service is necessarily looking through google. Some people are searching for Demolition Contractors from Yelp directly as well as other sites like it. If your competitors have “claimed” profiles and pictures on them, Yelp will show their page to people before yours, so you want to actually have content on these pages. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from my Yelp page:

You see how next to my company name there is a check mark that says claimed? There are also photos on the profile as well. Here’s your current Yelp profile:

It’s all wrong. It’s not claimed, there is no link to your website, no photos, and the phone number isn’t even correct or consistent with the number on your website or Google map listing. You are confusing Google and throwing up red flags. In fact, If you open up your internet browser and do a search for “Demolition Lexington KY” in Google, Most people are seeing a company called MCM Demolition in the Map listings listed above yours. (pictured below)

I am willing to bet that just fixing that Yelp page alone would fix that and list you on top of them. That map section in the search results is called the “map pack” and that’s literally how it ranks companies is by what companies have the most citation listings and consistent information on those listings such as website, address, and phone number. Yelp is one of the most trusted sites in the United States in Google’s eyes and your company isn’t listed on there according to Google because the phone number is different than your actual map listing and no link to your website. Also, your hours are all over the place.

Superpages says 8:00-5:00

Yelp says 9:00-4:00

And if you scroll up to the picture of the actual Google map listing it says your hours are 8:30-4:00..

Your hours aren’t even consistent on your actual website. On your homepage it says 8:00-5:00

And your contact page says 8:00-4:00…

So I would go in and claim all your existing citations, add content, and make sure all your information is consistent across the board once I am done creating the website and this will also help you more than you might think too.


Another thing that I would include into what you paid me monthly would be to drip feed 5 star reviews throughout your pages like your Facebook page, Yelp page, Google Map listing etc. every month. This way once we meet our 15 month break-off period, Your online reputation will be to the point where jobs sell themselves before anyone even makes the phone call.


As I look around I don’t see anything that they are currently doing to help you that justifies them taking a monthly payment. I have done some research and read reviews and it looks like other people have had a hard time in the past getting out of their contracts. If I were you I would be starting that process now. I know marketing, I know what companies charge. I am sure the check that goes to them isn’t a small amount and they aren’t doing anything for you. From what I can see you are paying them to rent the basic site they created in an hour most likely. I would ask for an initial design fee, and my monthly charge would most likely be right around what you pay them, but I would be doing a lot more for you. As far as getting out of the contract you are currently in, It sounds like they give people difficulties in the past, I would just tell them “Thanks for your work, but we plan to build our own website.” If they begin giving you a hard time you have many complaints to begin to make. From having inconsistent hours to the navigation bar making no sense. “Demolition Services” goes to your about page, “Excavation” goes to your actual services page, “Team” goes to what looks like another about page, They are a big marketing company, they should be embarrassed of that website and let you out of your contract in my eyes, honestly. Take a look at some of the things I have pointed out and would do differently for your company and let me know if you would like to move forward. As far as turnaround, I could have the site pretty much completed in a weeks time. Once I get it designed, I would put videos and other media on the site as I received it.


Brandon Hinkle

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