Google Rank Brain

What Is Google Rankbrain?

Artificial Intelligence Has Officially Hit The Search Engines And The World Is Freaking Out!

“Can’t we just get back to the early 2000’s when all it took was a couple fiverr back link gigs to rank a website?” That’s something all SEOs would love, but unfortunately the search engines have became a lot more educated when it comes to returning search results for user queries. Google has officially rolled out their newest algorithm, Introducing RankBrain.

So What Is It?

Rank brain is basically an artificial intelligence application used by Google to help their algorithm process user search queries. Rank brain is the reason Google automatically sends you the correct information for misspelled searches. It is the part of the ranking algorithm that can actually “learn.” If the machine see’s a search query or word it has never seen, Rank brain guesses what word or phrase you meant based on many different factors.  One of them that isn’t talked about is location, so let’s say you are in Lexington, KY and in need of a plumbing company, what do you do? You pull out your phone and you say “Plumbing company near me.” How many websites do you think are optimized for that certain keyword and how would they know where you are? That’s another reason why Rank Brain had to be introduced. As technology goes on, more people are using the mobile voice search as opposed to typing in search queries from a desktop PC or even a laptop. As google received more and more very long tail searches, it had a hard time producing the best search results. So rank brain is an ranking algorithm that learns many things about users ensuring that they always render the best possible search results for certain keywords. So there is nothing to worry about, it is not something Google’s spam team rolled out, this won’t affect your SEO, in fact as long as your site has properly optimized it should ensure you more traffic if anything.

Now that we know Machine learning is a real part of the algorithm that looks at 39 other factors as well, how do we use it to our benefit? Well personally that’s our secret here, but one way is by being able to send REAL keyword targeted traffic. Rank brain and Google are paying attention to how long users are on each site, whether or not they click any call to action, and many other factors but they really are watching you’re every move. We have ways to push traffic to your site that’s completely “white hat” but very under utilized in the SEO industry, so as rank brain is learning about your site it is also following the search related traffic, over time we utilize it to our benefit and literally dominate your keywords. So it is important to know that Google looks at a lot more than backlinks and it’s easy for them to detect spam, they de-index thousands of Business’s websites daily due to trusting an SEO firm doing black hat tactics. Keep in mind now that they are using artificial intelligence, it will be easy to detect badly built PBN’s and link blasts. Trust the Search Sharks for all your marketing needs.